WTF Wednesday!

Okay, between keeping up with all my TV programming, a terrible backache, and my depression, it’s been a week since my last post. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. And so, at great risk to my aching back, I’ve put together this little post to reflect just a few of my thoughts… 😉

Video via Groucho, now a member of the Tea Party Caucus on Whatever Works

Stewart & Colbert 1 01
Stewart & Colbert 1 02
Stewart & Colbert 1 03
Stewart & Colbert 1 04
Stewart & Colbert 1 05
Stewart & Colbert 1 06
Stewart & Colbert 1 07
Stewart & Colbert 1 08
Stewart & Colbert 1 09
Stewart & Colbert 1 10

Images via Drunk On Stephen on Tumblr

Stewart & Colbert 2 01
Stewart & Colbert 2 02
Stewart & Colbert 2 03
Stewart & Colbert 2 04
Stewart & Colbert 2 05
Stewart & Colbert 2 06
Stewart & Colbert 2 07
Stewart & Colbert 2 08

Images via Drunk On Stephen on Tumblr

Stewart & Colbert 3 01
Stewart & Colbert 3 02
Stewart & Colbert 3 03
Stewart & Colbert 3 04
Stewart & Colbert 3 05
Stewart & Colbert 3 06

Images via Drunk On Stephen on Tumblr

Stewart & Colbert 4 01
Stewart & Colbert 4 02
Stewart & Colbert 4 03
Stewart & Colbert 4 04
Stewart & Colbert 4 05
Stewart & Colbert 4 06
Stewart & Colbert 4 07
Stewart & Colbert 4 08

Images via Drunk On Stephen on Tumblr


Image via
Mad Magazine Takes On America’s Favorite Red-Necks With Their Upcoming Duck Dynasty Cover
on blurppy


Uh oh. I think I hurt myself… Medic!!!


I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday!

  1. My mom always said “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” So these days I try not to comment at all on the guys in Washington. Even thinking about them raises my blood pressure and threatens to make me very … unladylike.


  2. it wouldn’t be fair for people to indulge in ” FALSE EQUIVALENCY”. That is, people blaming everyone, including the Democrats, and Pres. Obama for the mess we’re in. This plot to shut the government had been hatched a long time ago. 18 times, the Democrats had asked for a Conference, but Boehner had not allowed it. Months ago, 80 Republicans handed in a signed demand for Boehner not to put anything to a vote unless the Defund Obamacare is not there, and to shut down the government if the Democrats don’t agree. It’s extortion and blackmail of the highest order, and it’s almost unconstitutional.

    All we have to do is call a spade a spade. This is not democracy. This is anarchy.

    Stop blaming both sides.


      • Sorry. I was watching CNN. And I hate to hear the misleading talks. They don’t tell the real story, and it leads people to believe , that the blame is on all sides. ” Oh, I hate all those guys in Washington ! “.

        Sorry, it says here express yourself.


        • No apologies necessary my friend. I hate the guys in Washington too, and we’ll never get the straight story from a news media that depends on controversy for ratings…


  3. Well wowza, that’s one hell of a compilation. So here’s your ice water, here . . . damn it now I spilled water all over this damn keyboard. And thanks for the pingback . . . I am honored


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