Shutdown Reflections…

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again my friends. So I thought I’d post a little somethin’ somethin’ to reflect my thoughts…

I can’t stand it
I know you planned it
I’m-a-set it straight
This watergate

~ Adam Horovitz

The Vigilant Lens

Shutdown Reflections 00

I Guess There Was Always Something Wrong

Where Did I Go Wrong

Shutdown Reflections 04
Shutdown Reflections 05

Shutdown Reflections 02

Shutdown Reflections 03

Wrong About Everything


Shutdown Reflections 01

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Shutdown Reflections…

    • As big a jackasses as the Republicans are these days Harry, I’m afraid I can’t lay all this entirely at their feet. As they say, “It takes two to Tango!” 😕


      • But why would they want to stop poorly of people getting free/cheap medical care, it makes no sense.

        And as for the tea party, the must be the biggest arse holes in the states.


        • There are some serious flaws in the Affordable Care Act Harry, placed during it’s conception when the Democrats caved in to right-wing pressure, which now provides the dingbats just what they hope will help them finally kill the baby in its crib. As for the tea-baggers, I included the Blazing Saddles clip to express just a little of what I think about them…


  1. It’s the media’s fault. They try to keep it ” balanced” by including misinformation out there, they let them talk, and don’t challenge it. There are some things that are not balanced, the truth is always heavier on the weighing scale… what the media is doing is to pile on lies on the other end of the weighing scale to make it balanced. JUST REPORT THE TRUTH ! ! ! I’ll give you an example….. the repugs are saying that the Dems do not want to compromise. And they show this on RV over and over again. The truth is, 18 x since March of this year, the Dems have been asking the repugs for a conference to straighten out the kinks. The repubs gad blocked these requests… why ? because this is their strategy. Do it at the last minute, and include defunding, or else , they will shut down the gov’t. Do people know the Dems have requested 18x and do people know they have been blocked 18 x? have the media shown these tea party repugs screaming ‘VOTE FOR US AND WE WILL SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN when they were campaigning in 2010? All of them campaigned with that in their agenda. Does the media show that? And does the media show this Repugs making a thumbs up sign, and saying they are victorious in shuttingb the gon’t down? Do they show this repug saying ” we feel so giddy that we have finally done what we want?


    • There’s an old saying, for mere mortals like us, that goes “no news is good news.” But for those who want the attention of the world trained upon them and only them, it’s more like “bad news is good news.” In fact, I think “nothing sells like bad news” is an old news media motto!


  2. Outside looking in, its so stupid that the government cannot govern and the President is powerless to get laws or bills passed. The second house can stop everything he tries to do.

    They are acting so childish and the world ( i’m sure ) are laughing at them, while the county goes down the tubes again.


    • You’ve got it pegged about right Harry. Unfortunately, both parties act like spoiled children when they aren’t having their way. It’s just getting worse is all… 😕


  3. The sound of a toilet flushing resounds through the halls of state, and the stench of our failure permeates the planet with the odor of pedantry and decay. Give the Harkonnen a pen and let him stand forth. No one is interested in words. Drop your linen and stop your grinnen. Game over, man… Game over…


    • Personally, I’m leaning towards nuking the site from orbit, but that’s just me. Of course, finding the Kwisatz Haderach could be a solution. Assuming that is, someone, such as yourself perhaps, is crazy enough to take the test. Now where did I put my Gom Jabbar?!?! 😉


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