Contemplating Syria with The Firesign Theatre

In case I haven’t made myself clear, I am totally opposed to the plan, now being argued before Congress, to “punish” the Syrian regime, with U.S. air strikes, for that regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own people. But don’t get me wrong. I think President Assad and all the others responsible should burn in hell for these terrible crimes. I just don’t think that anything short of a massive, all-out invasion, with a lengthy involvement of thousands of American “boots on the ground” (which no one wants, including myself) has any chance at all of hindering Assad’s choice to use these weapons again in the future. And frankly, I don’t think even an all-out invasion will do the trick either.

With that in mind, I’ve extracted the following clips from two of the four Firesign Theatre: Everything You Know Is Wrong videos posted to 9IIFCS’s YouTube Channel, that expresses (with mockery, of course) my thoughts about the media, people pushing to “sell me” on pointless crap, and most of all, what laughably passes for “military intelligence!”

Now I know that some of you might take offense at my mocking such a serious issue, particularly those who believe something you say or do can affect the outcome. But I suffer no such delusions, and merely want to relieve some of the stress of knowing my world could start spinning out of control very soon. Also, laughing about it helps drive back those “other” voices, whispering in my ear, describing what a “real” solution would look! 😯

Learning To Love The Bomb 01

Learning To Love The Bomb 02

Learning To Love The Bomb 03

Learning To Love The Bomb 04


Learning To Love The Bomb 05

Learning To Love The Bomb 06


Learning To Love The Bomb 07

That would sure teach those “alien” buggers a lesson though! 😳

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Contemplating Syria with The Firesign Theatre

  1. Mockery works. Otherwise I’d be running up and down the street screaming NO! NO! NO!, which of course wouldn’t do any good. I did write my senators, my congressman, and the president with much the same message. I don’t think that will do any good either.


    • It’s definitely another “grin and bear it” situation Sue. And the idiots in power are so busy listening to their own lunatic fringe that it isn’t likely at all that they’ll listen to fringe folk like us! 🙄


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