Mission Accomplished, Sort Of…

Okay. You should all know by now what a majorly depressed, OCD driven maniac I can be. Like one of those freaky animals whose jaws lock on after they bite, my crazy mind just can’t let go of an idea once it gets in there until some measure of satisfaction is achieved. Well, that’s the way I am when it comes to the look and feel of this blog. You see, even though I just changed my theme at the beginning of July, I’ve never been truly satisfied with the theme I went with. And it’s been nagging at me ever since.


Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 01

With such a tantalizing dream…

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 02

But without…

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 03

I was at a bit of a loss…

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 04

But you know, in the end I just had to…

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 05

And thus began the emotional onslaught of trying, and then rejecting, theme, after theme, after theme, after theme…

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I tell ya my friends, it was starting to look like the lost cause I feared it might be…

But then, there it was, like some vision from beyond…

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 24

Punch-drunk from battle (and WAY too much caffeine), I stumbled upon the wonderful Expound Theme

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 25

And then, at last, it was like ENGAGE! 😀

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of 26

For now at least… 😳

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished, Sort Of…

  1. Thrilled to see my all-time favorite pano in your header! (but a little sad to see my favorite place in the world behind “from the bowels of hell on earth”).

    I don’t recall ever seeing this theme before. I like it! And the much wider main column should work so much better for all your photo displays.

    My sympathy on the travails of changing themes. So many decisions to make! And, depending on the theme, so much to retool and adjust.


    • The header and background are still works in progress PT, but I did go with that one for now because it reminded me of your neck of the woods. I’ve bookmarked so many WordPress Theme pages that I honestly can’t recall where I first saw it. Out of the three I really liked, this one actually came in last. But the first two simply refused to display my image posts properly!


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