A Very Painful Lesson…

The “Rules of Engagement” episode from my last post might have stirred the pot, but it was “The Bump In The Road” rerun I just watched of “Bones” that finally brought an important memory back in full force:

As I’ve often said on this blog, I grew up surrounded by “Macho Man” type guys…

Zod's Ganstas

And, as everyone knows, for any wannabe Macho Man to be taken seriously, he must prove he’s a “real man” by siring as many offspring as is humanly possible…

Kneel Before Zod

Which means that I grew up surrounded by large families, and the process of producing those large families exposed me to a LOT of pregnant women and newborn babies. The thing is though, after those babies were born and the opportunity to “strut their stuff” was at its peak, the new father’s behavior always seemed a lot more “reserved” than I expected. In fact, while the new mothers simply looked exhausted, the proud poppas that had been in the delivery room with them looked more like they’d been in a damned fight!

But you know how “macho” guys are. They don’t complain about their pain, and most of all, they don’t talk about their feelings. Which is why, when it was my turn to accompany my wife into the delivery room, I sat down next to her bed and reassuringly held her hand with a big, fat, blissfully stupid smile on my face…

Being totally unaware of the
absolutely SUPERHUMAN strength a woman
experiencing the pain of childbirth can have! 😯

And all that cursing… Louder even than my own screams at the agony of my hand being crushed… OMG, I didn’t know my wife even knew such words… And they were all aimed at me, the loving and supportive new father to be…

Gee, thanks for the warning guys!!!!

I want ice water.

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