Twitter Treats!

I confess that I’m even less into Twitter than I am into Facebook. And, because I use Twitter less, the steady stream of “notification” emails I get from them can seem even more annoying than the ones I get from Facebook. However, I’ve learned to not simply delete them without first taking a peek inside, because they do contain very nice surprises from time to time! 😀

Like the Tweet that lead me to the following video,

“Captured with a remote wildlife camera as various species visited a ‘communications’ or ‘rub’ tree in Kananaskis Country, leaving a scent as a form of communication to other bears and animals.”

Thus revealing the curious and often hilarious truth about what bears and other wildlife are doing when we aren’t around to see…

Video via Alberta Provincial Parks on YouTube
Tweeted by Maksim on Twitter
From What goes on when you are not there! on Boing Boing

And there was the Tweet that contained this crazy looking rainbow image…

BQX5i_jCUAAXPll.jpg large

Via You’re drunk, rainbow on the National Geographic (NatGeopix) feed

Which inspired me to look for similar images on TinEye Reverse Image Search, which, in turn, lead me to this even funnier version of that image…


Via 40 Best Examples of the ‘Go Home, You’re Drunk’ Meme on Bored Panda

And you know, I felt so good after that, that I just couldn’t resist grabbing even more of those totally cool NatGeopix images…

And that’s just the 1st page folks!


5 thoughts on “Twitter Treats!

  1. The tree seems to be the equivalent of the corner bar, or gym. And that crooked rainbow is blowing my mind! I’ve never seen one that wasn’t the typical smooth arch.


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