Windy Wednesday – Twisted Ballet

After seeing this video on TV, my first thought was, “Yeah, that looks about as weak as what I’d expect from a tornado in Milan, Italy.”

But when I saw the damage footage added to the end of that video here, I could see that the EF3 rating it got was well deserved!

Tornadoes are no laughing matter, as we here in the U.S. should know all too well. In my own defense, I blame my false impression of the Milan tornado’s severity on the news claiming that the video was filmed from inside it. I strongly advise anyone thinking they can survive being inside a tornado to think again.

The only exception to that I’ve ever seen is in this video:

And even there, I think the guy was FOOLISH to walk into it at the end!

I want ice water.

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3 thoughts on “Windy Wednesday – Twisted Ballet

  1. Had to laugh at how sexy/seductive the reporter sounded in that first video. Ridiculous. Totally distracted from the seriousness of the storm.

    The last video is absolutely mesmerizing. I probably would have walked into it too, compelled to dance with that wind, which was just playing with the cloth. Looks like the equivalent of a dust devil, only without the dust. Not dangerous.


    • Apparently there’s a bit of royalty flap over the original video, because the copy I was set to post had been yanked only a few hours after I found it. Whatever that was in the second video seemed, to me at least, to be getting more intense towards the end. I wish there was more of the sky visible so I could better judge what I was looking at. It was awe inspiring though! 😀


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