Love Without Words

And speaking of the choice between fate and free will, I’d like you to take a look at a video my son recently uploaded to Facebook. You know the one I mean, the idiot goofball that did this video I included in my Nature or Nurture? post:

Well, what I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned is that my “idiot” son is a bit of a “savant” as well. Apparently, he just sat down one day back in 2010 and composed this piano piece for his then fiance, completely on the fly:

Mind you, my son has never had even a single piano lessen, and he neither reads nor writes musical notation. And yet he’s had this weird “knack” for playing musical instruments – at least every one I’ve seen him try – for about as long as I can remember.

The thing is, to him, musical instruments seem to be little more than “toys” for him to “play” with, in just the same way he’s “played” with, and quickly mastered, all the other “toys” he’s taken a liking to in his life – games, computers, video equipment (which he currently uses in his work for AfricentricsLIVE), etc.

However, as one who both loves music, and has always wished for at least some kind of musical talent, there’s a part of me that can’t help seeing his unwillingness to pursue and develop his as… You know I hate to say this… A SIN against nature!

But, as I said in that earlier post:

“[M]y oldest son is the one I spent the most time in conversation with while he was growing up. Moreover, he really seemed to enjoy listening to me talk about everything from philosophy to science to music to fiction. Hell, I don’t like to brag, but I do think that all that time we spent together has played a significant role in his becoming the well adjusted, fully mature husband and father he is today.”

It would be very hypocritical of me to question his choices now… Wouldn’t it? 😕

Love Without Words 01

Can I at least be jealous? :mrgreen: Or is that a guaranteed lightning bolt up my ass?!?! 😯

Love Without Words 02

I swear, sometimes I just hate Mother Nature! 😳

In kinda-sorta related news, Twisted Sifter has a post called What the End of a Rainbow Looks Like. 😀

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Love Without Words

  1. Is your son who is playing the piano ambidextrous? It seems that he is equally adept with either hand and the music doesn’t seem at all derivative (a good thing). I wish him luck; playing music is a wonderful thing.


    • No, my son isn’t ambidextrous, and when you consider how many people are good at playing the piano, the chances that they’re all ambidextrous would seem unlikely as well. As someone who can’t play, however, it does seem like people who can learn to use both hands that well could become ambidextrous if they chose to.

      I agree that playing music is a wonderful thing. Too bad my son isn’t interested in pursuing it…


  2. LOL. Haven’t had a double rainbow chuckle for quite a while. Enjoyed your son’s music, too. Hard to believe he’s had zero training. You should hear what my zero training sounds like!


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