Capturing The Night Sky From A City

Okay, let’s wrap up my “astronomy 3fer” with a great time-lapse video from Universe Today, wherein videographer Bruno Letarte proves that gorgeous astronomical images can indeed be captured – despite those annoying city lights!

Cape Town Nightscapes
Via Bruno Letarte on Youtube

Reblogged from
Beautiful Timelapse — and an Invitation to Try Capturing the Night Sky from a City
on Universe Today

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Capturing The Night Sky From A City

  1. Great share my friend. The music went well too with the video. I’ve been keeping both my eyes upon you 🙂 and although using my mobile thought it about time I dropped by to say Hi again.
    Hope you have a brill weekend. And hasn’t that Moon been awesome? The sky never fails to hold my attention either night or day. Its never the same from one moment to the next.
    Sending you a thought or three. 🙂 and take care 🙂
    Always watching 😉
    Sue x


    • Thanks Sue. You have a knack for dropping by just when I’m in need of a lift, and I’d love to know how you do that. But mostly, I really want to thank you for doing it! 😀


        • Oh Sue, I love you, but you know how skeptical I am when it comes to things like that.

          I used to love watching cartoons with my kids when they were young, and one of their favorites was a show called Rugrats. I’m reminded of an episode where Angelica mistakenly explains her “uncanny” ability to know things she just could not know like this: “I’m Psycho!” 😆

          I’ve searched and searched for that clip but have never been able to find it. The closest I’ve come was this clip from the same episode: 😀


            • The clip I wanted was even funnier Sue! 😀

              I did take a quick peek through that Life with Spirit category but, as usual, I haven’t a clue as to how to comment. Sorry… 😳


              • You just type it… say what you feel, good bad indifferent!… you see I KNOW! having spoken and touched those from the other side… yes touched. So you see.. I am Psycho LOL… I know there is Life after Life.. :-D…..

                Each of us finds answers when they are ready, and even if they don’t we are all on the same journey just that some may be a little more surprised that others when they get to their final destination! 😉


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