Rocky Mountain Way

After including that great Joe Walsh classic in this morning’s post, I was inspired to dig into my collection to see what other treasures I hadn’t heard in a long while. And that’s when I remembered this awesome gem:

Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way
Couldn’t get much higher
Out to pasture – think it’s safe to say
Time to open fire

And, we don’t need the ladies crying ’cause the story’s sad
’cause the Rocky Mountain Way – it’s better than the way we had

Well, he’s telling us this and he’s telling us that – changes it every day
Says it doesn’t matter
Bases are loaded and Casey’s at bat – playing it play by play
Time to change the batter

And, we don’t need the ladies crying ’cause the story’s sad
Rocky Mountain Way – it’s better than the way we had

Yeah man. Living in the Rocky Mountains, that’s were a “true hermit” should be. And I would be too, if it weren’t for all the darned wildlife, wild people, wildfires in the summers, and frigid cold in the winters!

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Way

  1. I’ve discovered I can’t afford to live a hermit’s life in the mountains. Those mountain homes are damned expensive! Of course, if I were willing to give up central heat, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing …


    • Oh I hadn’t even dreamed of a home like that PT. The most I could hope for is a Unabomber styled shack somewhere…

      But hey, as long as I have snow-melt to generate pee for power, I might still be able to blog! 🙄


  2. You might be able to live the life of a hermit in a nice low agriculture no mining area along the foothills of the mountains running up the West Coast. Those people who wear suits to work usually work too far to commute from a small village way down a little narrow road. You need to have some money coming in and a good goose down comforter for those chilly winter nights. The coastal side of the mountains has a less severe climate. Something to think hard on in order to make a wise choice. It could be lonely; even for a hermit.


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