Cell Phones and Fire Hydrants?

There’s an old joke, about a dog educating his pup, that goes something like:

“If you can’t eat it, play with it, or fuck it, then piss on it.”

Well my friends, welcome to the new age…

Nowadays, where cell phones have pretty much displaced dogs as Man’s Best Friend, you’ve got your Ice Cream Sandwich phones to “play with,” and, with things relating to sex accounting for the majority of web searches these days, many of you no doubt use your “smart phones” as “porn seeking missiles.”

But piss on your cell phone?!?!

“Oh HELL No!” – right?

Wrong! According to this Huffington Post Tech article, when that new “best friend” is “playing dead” because it needs recharging – pissing on it may just be all you need!

I want ice water.

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