WTF Florida?!?!

America: A nation of laws, representing the absolute peak in the evolution of human civilization. A land where one is free to work hard to build a dream, and then live out that dream in the great state of…

WTF?!?! 😯

Well, I guess it’s true what they say about it being all downhill from here! 🙄


I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “WTF Florida?!?!

  1. When I ran away from home, I chose between California and Florida. The climate was the issue as I lived way up North. I chose Calif. for no reason better than a coin toss. This must be proof that God looks after fools and drunks.


  2. Where is Bugs Bunny with his giant saw when you need him?! If only we could cut castrate Florida…

    I wonder, if ZImmerman had been a darker skinned “white hispanic” (labels! argh!), would the verdict have been different? [I say this because my family is “white hispanic” (again: argh!); my oldest brother, being the darkest, would regularly be stopped by local cops for no particular reason, even just walking down the alley behind our house, once being forced to his knees at gunpoint. Never committed a crime in his life; we were all just regular, good kids. My other, fair-skinned brother never had any problems of that type.]


    • Amazing how such a limp appendage can still manage to fuck an entire nation. And I’ve had the exact same thought about Zimmerman’s appearance!

      My heritage is a mixture of black, native, and white, and the skin tones of my family range from my extremely dark-skinned mother to my own “so light that many thought I’d try to ‘pass’ when I grew up.” I’ve personally witnessed many members of my family and community being harassed by police because of their skin color, while the biggest threat I faced, ironically, was from a community that looked upon me as a possible “alien” invader… *sigh*


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