Gazing Up In Wonder…

Have you ever gazed up, into the night sky…

A Fish-Eyed Milky Way

Stéphane Guisard presents this stunning time lapse look at the Milky Way as seen from the Paranal Observatory in Atacama desert, Chile.”

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And wondered about our galactic neighbors?

The Nearest Stars

[Click to view larger image]

The Nearest Stars

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Or what we’ve done about going for a visit?

US Space Travel

[Click to view larger image]

US Space Travel

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I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “Gazing Up In Wonder…

  1. That space travel diagram is depressing. Sometimes I think humans would just rather fight wars and kill each other off — or destroy the planet — rather than continue the wonderful journey into space that we began so long ago. I was so optimistic back then …


    • I used to be optimistic too PT. Hell, growing up with so many great changes underway, I was about the most optimistic person you could find! Sometimes I feel like I was set up…


    • Well then Loon, I guess you wouldn’t want me to remind you that we’re crawling around on the surface of what is, in effect, a very large space ship, which is whizzing around the sun at frightening speeds, while the sun is whizzing around the Milky Way at frightening speeds, which is itself whizzing through the universe at frightening speeds… 😯

      I’d better just keep all that to myself! 😆


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