The Evidence Is Piling Up…

As if the embarrassing revelations from my last post weren’t enough, here’s yet another reason for me to turn off my TV and my PC:

So I Can Take My Rapidly Aging Ass Outside!


Via Are You Vitamin D Deficient? [Infographic] on Daily Infographic.

Now all I need is a little “pep” talk! 😀

Well, insults might work too! 😳

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I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “The Evidence Is Piling Up…

  1. Play Ingress! It’s engrossing enough to get you outside and keep you moving. All you need is an Android phone with a screen res of 480×800. You can play with a smaller screen, but a lot of the buttons you have to click will overlap. If you’re interested, let me know. I can send you an invite.


      • I’m the same way. About the only thing that’s gotten me out of the house in recent years has been either a lack of groceries or a doctor’s appointment. Ingress finally did it. but yes, lack of a phone would be a problem. I thought you’d mentioned you had one.


        • No, but I’ve had a few of those that you buy minute card for a couple of times. And I wanted one of those was in case I collapsed on the way to or from an appointment of the grocers. 😯

          I’ve been thinking about applying for one of those “free” phones that disabled status qualifies me for, but they are about as basic as they come. Pretty limited when compared to the Android phone and tablet my oldest son (the one with the NetFlix account) carries with him everywhere.

          According to him, one of those tablets would only cost me about $200 and I could do everything on it that I do on my PC as well as use it as a phone. But it uses WiFi, so I’d still need my cable internet when at home, or be in a WiFi enabled environment (or have a phone to link through the way he does) when I’m away. It’s all a little over my head right now, as well as beyond my finances…


        • Well whaddayaknow PT? My son stopped by today and it turns out he plays Ingress too! Unfortunately, I was trying to cook dinner when he came by, so I only had a couple of minutes to look at it before he had to leave. But he just loves it, and he believes, based on all the SciFi talk he heard from me when he was little, that I’d love it too. He says he’s gonna check around for Android equipment and services that I might be able to afford. We’ll see… 😀


  2. My son has one of those phons for low income families………he gets 250 minutes per month loaded on his phone on the 1st of the month and it’s free…. I am sure you can find them and enroll for one on line……good luck. I never heard of ingress….LOL


    • Yeah, Chris had a couple of those (:shock:) and let me use one of them for awhile last year. When he tried to renew it they wouldn’t let him because you’re only allowed to have one. And when I tried to renew it in my name, they told me only one per household! Why he was he using my address when he wasn’t living here, I’ll never know… 🙄

      BTW, Ingress requires a smart phone… 😀


  3. Vit. D. I found out that I was deficient years ago when the cheap (less expensive) test came out. I spend plenty of time in the sun. Next time you get a blood test have them throw the test in. If they balk say “if it’s the money; I’LL PAY). Shame them. You gotta do what you gotta do.


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