Is My TV Is Out To Get Me?

You know, DirectTV ads like this one…

Have pretty much convinced me that getting my TV through cable is a bad idea. But after seeing this ad from DISH…

I’m beginning to suspect that the real danger…

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Could be watching TV in the first place! 😯

Of course, endless hours spent…

Off On A Rant!

May not be the healthiest of alternatives. 🙄

Which leads me to wonder if, perhaps, the fact that…

I Have No Social Life

Might be the real problem after all? 😳

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Is My TV Is Out To Get Me?

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  2. Those of us who stay home a lot and rely heavily on TV for entertainment and company are just so much red meat for all of the television providers. I happen to be with Comcast and feel I’m getting royally ripped off. But I think the same would be true with the satellite companies. My son quit them all and downloads whatever TV shows he wants from various places online — at best a few days after they air on TV, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.


    • I’ve watched a few of my shows online too, after my DVR got interrupted when the weather knocked the power out. My son has even offered to let me use his NetFlix account whenever I want. But I hate sitting at my desk for such extended periods, and my PC still freezes up from time to time…


  3. We’re paying about $ 150 a month on cable subscription…… so many channels but I know we only watch less than a dozen….. it doesn’t make sense. We tell our parents to get one with less channels, but I don’t know, they’re not listening.


    • I’m paying about the same Renxkyoko, but a portion goes for my phone and internet. I do hate paying for channels I don’t watch though, of which I have so many, and I especially hate paying for a big block of additional channels I don’t watch just to get the science related channels that aren’t included in the regular package. I think channels should be sold a la carte! 😀


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