Sunday Reflections – For My Soul

I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, but I get so caught up in trying not to offend anyone that I sometimes lose sight of the “self-therapy” notion that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Well my friends, at the risk of scaring off the tiny handful of people that actually come here, I’ve decided to let it all (well, maybe just some of it) hang out for a change… 😉

I must say that I feel a lot better now. But for those of you who disapprove…


I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections – For My Soul

  1. I’m sorry, what am I supposed to be offended by? The girly pics? pahleeze! if people don’t want to read your post, then they can move on to something else. Mak, you know better than this! always write, blog and “be” for you!
    Those of us who aren’t uptight, will still be here! xxoo


    • Thanks Carmen, you’re absolutely right. I guess, when it comes right down to it, I’ve been doing on my blog what I’ve always done in my life – trying to be “acceptable” by wearing a mask to hide the “alien” lurking inside – with almost identical results. The question is though, where do I go from here? Frankly, I just don’t know…

      What I do know is how grateful I am that beautiful people like you really do exist in that big bad world out there! 😀


  2. I just love Red Gif! I stacked four together in a cube and they go a touch out of sync and look just great. I think I will try six…or even eight! Use different files for each image of the GIF. I am learning; slowly, but still learning.


  3. IzaakMak New email address. Problems with the other one. We will see if it fixes itself; a common phenomenon it the computer world. I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work! Perhaps I am easily pleased, but I just love GIFs. Reward yourself with your favorite reward!

    Sincerely, Phil (aka. Eggsuckingpup

    PS I even get a new ’emoticon’!


    • Sorry to hear about your email problem Phillip – if indeed this is really Phillip… 😉

      I really love GIFs too. I keep telling myself I’m gonna figure out how to make them, but I just can’t seem to get around to doing it… 🙄

      Good luck with the email! 😀


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