Love Spat Saturday – The Beatles Argument

Musical pranksters Collective Cadenza raided the Beatles’ catalogue for seventeen songs to drive the narrative of a suspicious wife confronting her philandering husband. Which hussy sent him that passionate text? Lady Madonna? Julia? Michelle? Eleanor Rigby seems to have more comic potential than a tired ageist dig, and given their high production values, I’m mystified that the creators shied away from hiring a realistically hot plumber…

Open Culture

Video via Collectivecadenza on YouTube
Reblogged from A Lover’s Spat Set to the Lyrics of 17 Beatles Songs on Open Culture

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Love Spat Saturday – The Beatles Argument

    • Honestly Alex, I’d never heard of them before running across the Open Culture post, and the list of other videos was just too overwhelming for the time I had available to to investigate further. Got a favorite or two you’d care to recommend? 😀


      • Yep, they have no shortage of videos Mak, and hours can be spent at their YouTube channel because, basically, they’re ALL good. I first became aware of them when they performed at Google Zeitgeist back in Dec….

        Some of their other videos I really enjoy are:
        ‘City Streets, Famous Musicians’ | cdza Opus No. 11 (where they walk around Lower Manhattan and match street names to musicians)
        ‘History of Wooing Women’ | cdza Opus No. 8
        ‘History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics’ | cdza Opus No. 1

        And I could go on and on….. 😉


        • Thanks Alex, just the mood lift I needed this morning. I checked out those and more, but I especially liked the History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics’ video! 😀


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