The Road To Babylon

A golden helmet blinded minds
Among ten thousand swords
Along the road to Babylon
A golden thunder silenced songs
Among ten thousand voices
On the road to Babylon


Not included in the TV-inspired revelations of my earlier post was how the pleasant (if somewhat weird) dreams I had once I got to sleep were rudely interrupted by a power company employee pounding on my door the way cops do when they’re jacked up on coffee and doughnuts and just can’t wait to drag someone, anyone, off in handcuffs…


This was followed, in rapid succession, by…

  1. Throwing my back out in a groggy and delirious mad dash to the door.
  2. Being told that I had 1 hour to pay the past due amount before my power was cut off.
  3. 10 minutes of screaming in anguish from a weird sort of “feedback loop” powered by the mixture of panic and pain.
  4. 25 minutes of begging for a loan and waiting for answers, via both phone and email.
  5. And, finally, another 15 minutes of negotiating my way through a very poorly implemented automated bill payment and confirmation system before I could, at long last, hold my head firmly between my hands in an effort to stop the room from spinning.
All the while gaining a profound new understanding of the old “shaking like a dog shitting razor blades” colloquialism my mother used to toss around!


And, as if this 5 layer “devil’s cake” needed “icing,” having this all start so early forced me to put certain “biological processes” on “hold” for the duration, after which I finally gained some “profound insight” into the meaning behind my mom’s old “I’ll chill the shit in your ass!” threat as well!


I swear, sometimes this “embodiment of humiliation and frustration” that I call a life just seems more than I can bear…

But then I remember that actually living this life has taught me one or two “coping techniques” that work pretty darned well…

And, with that in mind, here’s the awesome music video I intended for this post before my morning was so rudely interrupted!

Via MetalGuruMessiah’s Musical Paint Box on YouTube

Well well well
Beware that golden thunder
Well well well
That dreamed and sang the song
Well well well
The empty sound of sorrow
Well well well


Isn’t it amazing how that song seems to fit anyway? 😀

I want ice water.

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2 thoughts on “The Road To Babylon

    • I’m still a nervous wreck PT, almost 10 hours after the pounding on my door began. 😯

      My crazy saying spouting mom was born in 1926 Alabama, and I have no idea where all she lived before she had me in 1955 W. Va. My dad’s travels prior to my birth are even more of a mystery, and his odd sayings were every bit as jaw dropping as my mom’s.

      Perhaps you understand my fascination with colloquialisms and regional dialects now? Funny, as embarrassed as I was by the way my parents talked when I was a kid, I actually wish I’d written all their odd sayings down now! 😀


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