20 thoughts on “Epic Wednesday – Wicked Romance

  1. It’s the old cosmic duality. Life and death. Yin and yang. It’s all as clear as night and day except I have the feeling that the female gender may not relate as strongly as the male. In fact, I think I just got in trouble with an acquaintance for the yin and yang of it all. Perhaps the perception was a not so subtle a hint and more of a foot in the mouth sort of thing. Is it all in the eye of the beholder? So; help me out and tell me if the female of the species relates as strongly as I do or if I stepped in it.

    The Devil and Angle? is a perfect example of it all combined in a single very strong image. Life and Death or if you will; sex and death. The Italians refer to the regenerative period (a nap) following sex as “The Little Death”.


  2. After only a little research, it appears almost certain that the “Angle” with the “Devil” is Lilith. Adam’s first wife. She was not as compliant as Eve as she was made from the same dirt as Adam and could and did claim to be his equal. Eve being made from one of Adam’s ribs was always to remain subservient. Lilith did what she wanted as she was not contaminated with “original sin”. She was a EXCITING DATE. She had nice white wings and long golden hair (real gold); She and the Devil were very good friends WITH privileges. She was a real walk on the wild side!


    • Sounds like “a hot time in the old town tonight” to me Phillip, and imagining the reactions of religious fanatics upon hearing about it gives me a very big grin! πŸ˜€


    • I suppose it is because, overall the female body is more artistically appealing. All sexual preferences aside, females are the more delicate, beautiful, elegant side of the human spectrum. It is true that a man can put work into sculpting himself into an appealing sexy image, but overall women are more crafted for art drawing an beauty.


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