Pon Farr Dancing With The Vulcan Of Love!

‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy!

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Whether it’s an “epic case of cosmic synchronicity,” or simply Star Trek new movie hype run amok, whatever you might make of it, I’m just loving the happy coincidence of seeing this totally cool image George Takei posted on Facebook this morning…

The Vulcan Of Love

Via George Takei on Facebook

Which was then followed by this outrageous video from Barely Political…

Via Barely Political on YouTube

After reading Pat Ryan’s absolutely hilarious Resurrection without revolution not likely even in the 23rd century post just last last night! 😀

I want ice water.

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22 thoughts on “Pon Farr Dancing With The Vulcan Of Love!

        • Oh I’m a huge fan of saying more with fewer words. I just wish WordPress would expand it’s inventory of smileys I can use on other people’s blogs!

          But the are others than fill the gap a little. Like:




          Clicking on either will take you to the site they come from! 😀


    • Thanks PT. Oddly enough, since I’ve always thought of Spock and Bones as the most memorable characters from the original Star Trek, I tend to see the Kirk impersonators as being more interesting than the original while being more critical of impersonations of the the other two. It wasn’t until much later that I came to appreciate William Shatner as the awesome “Shatman” he is today! 😀


  1. Didn’t Spock tell the winner of the love fight something on the order of….”Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it”. Or was it “The sweetness of low price is quickly forgotten as the reality of the poor quality sinks in”. My friend’s mother from the State of Missery said, “Pretty is as Pretty does”. My favorite. Wonder why?


    • Spock was ever the fount of wisdom Phillip. The first quote was actually from Uhura in The Search For Spock. I don’t know about the second. The last is the truth if I’ve ever heard it, though I’m more apt to use the alternate “stupid is as stupid does” version myself! 😀


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