Tornadoes – The Power To Destroy Everything

I found the interesting and informative infographic below in the Tornadoes [infographic] post on Daily Infographic, which had reblogged the original post from The Weather Channel’s Tornado Central blog.

[Click To View Original Full Size Image]


Reblogged from Tornadoes [infographic] on Daily Infographic and
Tornadoes: The Power to Destroy Everything (INFOGRAPHIC) on

Also, be sure to check out the incredible Zoom In On Oklahoma Tornado Damage,
an interactive Moore, Oklahoma tornado damage track infograhic
put together by NPR and Google/DigitalGlobe

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Tornadoes – The Power To Destroy Everything

  1. What’s amazing to me is that there aren’t more deaths from these things. I think it’s probably due in large part to the excellent warning systems and the preparedness/awareness of the populace. Somewhere I also saw some cool before and after shots of the recent OK F5, with the back and forth slider feature.


    • I think the relatively low death toll is has as much to do with how small population centers actually are in comparison to the vastness of the actual landscape they exist on PT. If you can remember where they are, I’d love to see those before and after shots! 😀


    • Isn’t it? There were a couple of surprises in there for me too. But with the highest number per year being in Kansas, the people from The Wizard of Oz were certainly dead on! 😀


    • I hear that. We had a big system move through just last night. Fortunately, no deaths that I know of – just lots of wind damgae, power outages, and flooding! 😯


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