And Speaking Of Cool…

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our feelings can change? It seems like only yesterday that I was wishing for the seasons to hurry up and change. And yet, here I am, after just a few weeks of hot weather, looking back so fondly on the cool days of winter. Well, if you’re feeling that way too my friends, then this awesome video might be just the thing to provide you with some much needed relief…

From locations around Finland that range from Lapland, to the frozen Baltic Sea, to where he lives in Oulu, photographer Thomas Kast spent almost sixty nights between September 2012 and March 2013 shooting this amazing time-lapse video of the Aurora Borealis.

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “And Speaking Of Cool…

  1. Cool is right! Lived in northern (way northern) Michigan for several years and was lucky to catch the northern lights on several occasions. Here in Reno that’s a big no.
    As for the seasons? We had two weeks of 90F+ weather -following a week of snow- and it’s now in the high 50F’s again.
    To install window A/C yet or not to install window A/C. That IS the question.

    Loved the vid 🙂 some day I too hope to have a chance to see something as amazing.


    • Northern Michigan, eh Rachael? Was in Marquette on a job once and the guy who owned the plant took me out on Lake Superior on his boat. That’s a really beautiful area, but it gets way too cold for my tastes. And that boat ride nearly scared the crap out of me! 😯

      I hate extremes of any kind, especially with the weather. Because you know, if things are too far off kilter one way, they’re sure to go way off in the other direction just so Mother Nature gets that “balance” she loves so much… 🙄

      Unless I’m lucky enough to be invited along on some luxurious (and well-heated) aurora viewing vacation for the rich and famous, I think I’ll keep getting my amazement through videos like this one! 😀


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