Sink or Swim? EnviroSiren’s Playful SOS

And while we’re on the subject of environmental degradation, here’s a “seriously cute” video on rising sea levels caused by climate change…

Distant cries of alarm compel a creature from the depths, EnviroSiren, to swim to the precarious shores of Earthlings. Sink or Swim? an SOS on rising seas, is her siren song to awaken humans to their beautiful but warming planet, before it’s too late.

Shot on location in Tulum, Mexico, and on a Red Epic camera at Pier59 Studios in NYC, SOS is a lush, seductive and playful invitation to turn the tides on climate change. For the origins of SOS and more go to:

Sink or Swim? EnviroSiren’s SOS on rising seas,
via Jules Cazedessus on Vimeo

Reblogged from EnviroSiren: A Playful Music Vid About Climate Change on Visual News,
where you’ll find some nice video stills and a short interview with Jules Cazedessus

Also check out 7 Shocking Google Earth GIFs of Human Impact on Earth

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Sink or Swim? EnviroSiren’s Playful SOS

  1. Renxkyoko, never have so many been so self absorbed and just plain stupid. There are about
    7,000,000,000 people on the earth. Humans by their very nature are an ecological negative. Every time a person puts their feet down they crush something cutting its life cycle off. Maybe before it can even reproduce. Humans don’t have any problem reproducing though. If only sixty or seventy years ago people would have held the line with reproduction at a replacement level. Mortality would have insured a decreasing population in a manageable rate of shrinkage. People not only couldn’t keep it in their pants, they couldn’t even take it seriously. Now it is too late (you may live long enough to prove me wrong) and humans are headed to a bell curve crash in population. I do hope that you are there when humans turn it around; I really do. You and your kids won’t die a premature and most likely miserable death. Renxkyoko, in case it isn’t yet obvious to you I am three times your age. When I SEE THE EFFECTS of climate change you know that it will be sooner rather than later. Maybe we will get a miracle and something really big will wake the human race and then they can race to save themselves, if it isn’t too late. I think Greenland or perhaps Antarctica will bring an almost surprise catastrophe with the ice going into the ocean very, very quickly. So, at least consider higher ground. Whatever it is, “it” will happen very quickly. Hence the possibility of the miracle wake up call.

    What do you think people will do? Will they take the high road and throw down their cosmetic differences and become “one”, or will they step back into Tribalism?


    • I won’t presume to answer for Renxkyoko Phillip, but for myself, I don’t think even a disaster that wiped out a huge chunk of the population would be enough to actually wake our species up. Those who survived would just convince themselves that the Gods had deemed them, and them alone, worthy to continue on. Any “deeper” lessons learned would be short-lived at best! 😕


  2. I can’t even imagine the workings of minds that can deny or disbelieve science. It’s as incomprehensible to me as logic and empiric evidence apparently are to them. If they won’t read it and won’t listen to it, they should be strapped into chairs with their eyelids propped open and forced to watch “Chasing Ice.” But they’d probably just swear it was trick photography. You can lead a denier to the facts, but you can’t make him believe.


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