A Little Time-Lapse Beauty

These beautiful time-lapse videos are from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo. I actually saw the first one back in November of last year, in the Metousiosis blog’s Spirits post, but I managed to lose it among the countless bookmarks stored in my browser.

Seeing it again today, and realizing that it’s not only beautiful but fairly short too, I thought I’d include another, even shorter one, as well…

This film was shot mainly around the Tromvik area of Northern Norway at approximately 70 degrees North.

Tromvik is located right in the heart of the aurora belt and because of this even quiet displays of the Aurora Borealis will always be visible overhead on clear nights.

I was very lucky in the time that I visited in that a CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun hit on the first night I arrived. The earths magnetic field reverberated for the entire week that I was there and I was lucky to witness strong displays every night…

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When an island with a circumference of 1900km is home to some 130 volcanoes, lies on a major fault line and is situated within the aurora belt, you know that it has all the right ingredients to be some of mother natures finest work. And when she created Iceland she did not disappoint.

This film was shot in the South and the South East of Iceland between the regions of Skรณgar and Skaftafell. Everyone says it but it’s true, Iceland really is a mecca for landscape photography and I cannot wait to return to explore more of this fascinating country…

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There are more great videos at Nicholas Buer on Vimeo

I want ice water.

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