Drooling Over SpaceShipTwo!

As if my day wasn’t already exciting enough, the drool really started to flow when I saw these totally awesome images and video in the Will Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Take 1st Rocket-Powered Flight Monday? post over at Space.com.



Go to Space.com for more…

.  .  .  .  

I think I might need a bib! 🙄

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Drooling Over SpaceShipTwo!

    • It’s actually kind of ironic to me PT. Considering most of the advances that got us here were brought about by private individuals bucking conventional wisdom, it’s hard to say if this is a step forward or a step backwards. All I know is that I’m happy the dream, and the dreamers, are still very much alive! 😀


  1. Definitely drool-worthy stuff! While I definitely champion private space industries, NASA is never short on goose-bump inducing coolness. As much as I enjoy dreaming (and I do!) my large part of my admiration, and excitement, has to go out to those national space agencies (NASA, ESA, CSA, RSA, JSA) who actually have a space station and who daily conduct the experiments which are necessary to once again get us beyond low-earth orbit.


    • You’ll get no arguments on that from me Alex. The government space agencies have done us all proud. But just as the giant aviation companies stand on the shoulders of all those mavericks of early aviation, I think the giant space agencies, who spend so much of their time mired down in politics and bureaucracy, need the occasional kick in the pants today’s mavericks will give them! 😀


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