More Bluesday Mood Lifters – BAM!

Scouring the Earth (from the safely of my bedroom, of course), I’ve left practically no stone unturned (well, I might have missed a few) in the never-ending quest to lift my mood out of the gutter. As such, it is with great pride (and no small amount of shame) that I present to you these latest morsels for your entertainment pleasure…

First up is the latest offering from those wacky folks at melodysheep:

Via melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul on YouTube

And finally, a little somethin’ somethin’ my good friend Pied Type clued me in on:

Via The Talking Animals Channel on YouTube

Can I really be the only person in the world who hadn’t seen that video?!?! 🙄

I want ice water.

More from the WusAMatta U volume

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14 thoughts on “More Bluesday Mood Lifters – BAM!

  1. Love the “Bam” remix. Willie made me smile. And thanks for spreading the Ultimate Dog Tease. The guy doing the voice was spot on and cracks me up every time I watch.


  2. Melodysheep usually freaks me out, but Willie is COOL! BAM! I only watched the Ultimate Dog Tease for the first time a few days ago when a friend texted it to me. So, you’re FAR from alone in being unaware of it’s existence. 🙂


    • Fortunately, I subscribed to the Talking Animals channel when I was putting this together Alex. Hopefully, I won’t be missing out on any new videos they post. Also, I’ve done 5 other posts that made fun of Wal-Mart. It was nice to finally do one that casts them a positive light! 😀

      I know a lot of people are turned off by the auto-tuning thing melodysheep uses, but I love how they use it to popularize the science and nature subjects that matter so much to me. If truth be told, it’s when they depart from that, as they did with the “Lucky Charms Remix” I included in my Release The Loons! post, that I get freaked out. But it was still very funny: 😆


      • Don’t get me wrong, I do like them…and for the reason you mentioned. I’m subscribed and I’ve thought about posting some of their videos. But, yeah, auto-tune is very freaky.


        • I’m really not much of a fan of auto-tuning when it comes to popular music. But I must admit that when I saw my first melodysheep video, my mind immediately leap to the memories of my kids “zoning out” when I was trying to teach them something about science! 😀


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