Two From Bones

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And just because I miss him…

My Favorite “Bones” Character
Sought After Seeing (Again)
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I want ice water.

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5 thoughts on “Two From Bones

  1. I still say, the best BONES’s (or is it Boneses? My grammar is off the hook, apologies), was when Zach was on it. The story line was amazing. And I loved AND hated that he was involved. It was stunning, surprising. And being the TV LOVER that I am, I’m not surprised much by story-lines. And, it’d be great to bring him back, so I’m confused why they don’t. I know he tried to get back on the show… but, well, I think it would spruce up the show a bit AND that he didn’t “do” it (don’t want to say too much in case someone who doesn’t know the back story is ready this comment – oh, my ego). It would be fantastic! Too bad though. I doubt it will happen. I do think Bones has gotten a little…slow lately. I don’t watch it till I need to on DVR. Just not that addicted to it.

    Now, CASTLE. Not sure if you’ve watched, but talk about surprising….

    But I’ll stop — since that may be a whole other post!



  2. Oh I never miss an episode of Bones or Castle Carmen, watching both from my DVR of course. I was really hoping that the The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond episode was a prelude to Zack’s return to Bones, and I still can’t understand why they’ve yet to him back. But hey, what do I know? I hated when they changed the opening theme music too, and no one’s raising hell about that either! 🙄


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