Considering the “warped reality” of my current situation (as described in yesterday’s post), which proved to be even more warped than I’d thought after I realized that WordPress had somehow managed to disconnect my email notifications from all 577 of the blogs I follow, it occurs to me that this is the perfect time to post these great images I ran across on Tumblr:

Let me tell ya friends, restoring new post notifications for four years of accumulated blog subscriptions is one major pain in the ass, but I am working on it. But I can’t help but wonder if there are people who subscribe to this blog who won’t be notified of this post because WordPress has done this to them as well…

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “YerkaScapes

  1. What marvelous illustrations!
    WP, with all their technology, can’t restore those subscriptions for you?? That’s terrible to lose so many. I can’t imagine trying to remember them all and going out and finding them again. Would “My Activity” in the now-totally-ruined former “Comments I’ve Made” help you find some of them?


    • They certainly figured out how to turn them all off, didn’t they? Fortunately, I’m still considered a “follower” of those blogs, so their new posts are listed in that WordPress Reader thingy I never look at. But that page does have an “Edit” link on it that brings up the full list so I can select their notification settings individually. It’s *simply* a matter of sorting through them all… 😯 🙄


  2. Photograph the list of blogs with a digital camera. The act of copying is external to the Internet and won’t give WordPress any kind of heads up. Rapacious bastards. They should be paying you for the dissemination of information that gets people to follow other blogs. I just plucked one from your site yesterday.


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