Thanks For Turning My Frowns Upside Down!

You know, after doing this blogging thing for four years, I can honestly say that I feel more comfortable with this “virtual” community than with just about any “real” community I’ve ever been a part of. With its combination of both intellectual challenge and friendly camaraderie, it’s like having the best of what I had with the military, work, and academic communities – each, in turn, ranking as “best” from my prior life – all rolled into one.

I’d like to celebrate the occasion by reblogging a couple of videos – from “virtual friends” that I’ve come to appreciate so very, very much – that helps to illustrate both my ongoing struggle against the negativity that drove me into my isolated existence and the sense of “family” I get from this community that makes it all bearable.

The first is from Cool Berman, who posts so much great stuff that I can barely keep up with it, let alone “borrow” enough from:

Via Man @ Cool Berman

The second is from Carmen Lezeth Suarez, whose blog I don’t get to nearly often enough, but who still manages to keep me grounded in my humanity nonetheless:

Via Must See TV @ Carmen Lezeth Suarez

With a little help from my friends, I’ve “gotten by” for a full four years now. Thank you all so very, very very much! 😀

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Thanks For Turning My Frowns Upside Down!

  1. First, let me give a shout out to Cool Berman! That video was sad, funny, wrong, so right and educational….(the aliens at the end – priceless!). But I have to say that I adore your posts — always. I don’t comment that much any more, but I always read/watch. Usually in the am after El Guapo (I’m a creature of habit clearly!). I LOVE that I found you when I did — you do the same for me. I feel like I have to “read my peeps” before starting my day. It is a family-esque kinda thing for sure. So glad you’re here. Love your work, your mind, your crazy sillyness with the underlying fundamental point and seriousness. I learn a lot from you. So thank you! And I need to do better about posting, commenting… I’ve been lax, but I always read…I’m always here if you need me and even if you don’t! Love, hugs and..all that good stuff!


    • I feel exactly the same way about you and your work Carmen. I just wish I was as disciplined as you when it comes to keeping up. Like the addictive personality that I am, I’ve managed to subscribe to so many sites that I can’t even keep up with the new post notices, let alone visit all of them. Hell, I even tried creating special email “labels” that I can assign to the ones (like yours) I especially want to check out before they scroll off the page, but I’ve still managed to accumulate over 4000 of them! 😯

      I really need to cut back on the subscriptions (said the info-connection junkie), not to mention “bookmarking” so many sources for potential blogs (said the idea hoarder) and recording so many TV programs. Do you think there’s a “treatment program” for internet / TV addicts? 😆

      “Love, hugs and..all that good stuff” right back at you Carmen! 😀


    • By the way, I literally applauded the ending of Cool Berman’s video, and I laughed so hard all through yours that I had tears streaming down my face when it was over! 😀


      • I’ve come to realize that I can only do what I can do….and that just has to be good enough. Don’t worry about reading everything and everyone — commenting all the time or whatever. I think just like friends off line, it’s in the QUALITY of friendship, NOT the quantity! So, if you visit every once in a great while, and comment when you can and rock my world, that is so much better than “like” on every post I make or some lame comment on every post…. does that makes sense?

        I read those folks I like most days. Not necessarily the day they post, but at the time I can sit, and read, and truly enjoy. That has to be good enough! And I know that it is. You should feel no pressure — and know, I don’t question our friendship at all. It just IS. And IS-NESS. I kinda like that.

        Now, I think there is a “treatment program” for us TV addicts and Internet druggies! Isn’t there a treatment program for everything nowadays? OY! I think we’re fine though… I really do (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

        Cool Berman’s video — the ending, the martians/aliens…I was laughing so hard and thinking..”that is probably so true! And we so deserve it after all we do to this earth!” – so sad. so funny!



        • I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to answer Carmen. Had a situation last night where a leak in the plumbing for my upstairs tub/shower caused my downstairs ceiling to start dripping on my furniture and carpet. And guess where the access panel for that plumbing is? In the wall behind my desk, in my bedroom, where my PC lives! I had to move it out of the way, interrupting my internet access, until maintenance was done this afternoon. Needless to say, that kinda spoiled pretty much the last entire day for me. 🙄

          I do agree with, and totally love, everything you said in your comment though. And it’s times like these that I really, REALLY envy your ability to remain positive. Love ya Carmen! 😀


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