What A Ride!




This awesome video is by TIGERnBASE on YouTube

I do find the background music a bit disturbing though. My son was telling me just yesterday about the hell Rapper Lil Wayne is going through after abusing the same chemical cocktail (street named Sizzurp) mentioned in the song: Lil Wayne Hospitalized — In Critical Condition After More Seizures.

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “What A Ride!

  1. What the hell is Sizzurp? Is it just codine cough syrup? The stuff that rots your teeth and can be purchased over the counter in many states? It has more in it than codine and the other stuff is probably the lethal chemistry. I sipped my share; about half a bottle. Hated it. I was much younger then and lived in a state of corporeal grace. Different strokes for different folks.


    PS I don’t know anything about Lil Wayne, but I do feel bad for him. Corporeal grace is but an illusion.


    • Sorry Phillip – Urban Dictionary: Sizzurp. I forgot to make that a link in the post. 😳 I’ve tried straight Codeine syrup before as well but, being a “naturally” depressed person already, I’ve never been a fan of anything that depresses me further. 🙄

      As for the “corporeal grace” thing, the fact is that none of us will get out of this alive. I guess each of us has to decide for his or her self where we draw the line when it comes to the risks we’re willing to take. I feel bad for anyone suffering, anywhere. But hell, if they had their way, I’m sure my doctors would lock me up for the health-care “violations” I’ve committed! 😆


      • My wife eats so many Jolly Ranchers that, she most likely, she should be in an inpatient program. When I was younger I couldn’t imagine that I would lose touch with the zeitgeist of those who in their youth were just entering the years that had been my heyday. Perhaps I should be happy that I have moved on and consider it one of the perks of getting older. It appears to be the natural progression. Phillip


        • I don’t know from zeitgeists and natural progressions Phillip, and I’m finding few perks in this getting older thing, but I know I really miss things like Jolly Ranchers, Sugar Daddys, and most of all, the delicious candied popcorn I learned how to make as a kid kept on making for me and my kids until they were damned near grown. I know I should count myself amongst the lucky ones for not being worse off than I am health-wise, but having to cut out all (well, most) of that stuff really sucks! 😥

          Omg, Jolly Ranchers?!?!


  2. It’s crazy enough just jumping off your average cliff with a wingsuit. Where this guy was flying is beyond nuts. I still can’t figure where that outboard camera was located. His wrist?


    • I just finished watching it again with my son PT, and we both agree that that’s got to feel like being Superman. As for “flying” through “The Crack” – yeah, that’s off-the-hook nuts! 😯

      I saw both forward and backward facing cameras on his helmet, but I couldn’t figure out where the “full body, under the canopy” shot at the end was coming from. His foot?!?! 😆


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