It’s In The Lap Of The Gods…

A little “post-papal” madness of my own, to “celebrate” all that “renewal” and “reforming” we mere mortals can all look forward to now. 🙄

Sending from his own mind to yours, here is Nino Savate with ‘A Psychic Minute.’

Can I say, hello? This is Nino the mind-boggler with Occult In Your Head. Today, let’s get into holes: The most mysterious, importantest and vaguest subject of them all.

The whole Earth might be called a hole, if you’re on the inside, looking out. And whole golden cities might be hid at the bottom of a bottomless pit. Even wholesome humans have holes, though we’re hardly whole at all. In fact, we’re wholly hole-y. As the Holy Book says in the Book of Holes, Chapter 1: ‘And they knew not their holes from an ass on the ground.’

Holes are positively attractive. Let’s go inside one and see… This is a typical hole. Not a hole in the wall, but a hole like a well. Well, well, what the Hell? That’s the sun at the center of the Earth, and that’s where this hole leads to. Heh-heh! What a nice, warm fire.

Next time, I’ll think to you about gravity, and its opposite, comedy. Until then, this is Nino saying, can I say, goodbye?

From Firesign Theatre: Everything You Know Is Wrong
with special thanks to the Unnecessary Thrills blog

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All images via tricks & treats on tumblr

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “It’s In The Lap Of The Gods…

    • Oh that’s just TOO cool Luddy! My friends and I would spend hours and hours laughing our heads off while listening to their albums back in the 70s. Actually meeting them had to be such a thrill!!!! 😀


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