Saturday Regurgitations

I suspect that, for most bloggers at least, the phrase “writer’s block” refers to an inability to find the right words to express their thoughts. And while I’ve certainly suffered from that type often enough, what I suffer from much more often is the inability to decide which of the many, MANY things I want to blog about to actually get to work on.

The net result of this indecision is an unbelievably large collection of bookmarks, images, and post drafts that only a being with god-like powers could sort through. Being just a mere mortal, I’m left with only mass regurgitations like this to give me any relief…

Puking Smiley

This first slideshow contains just a few of the many images I’ve collected over time:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And talk about random regurgitations! This next slideshow contains just a few of the images from The Shirk Report – Volume 204 post on the TwistedSifter blog. Whoopee! Just 25 or so more bookmarks left from there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not sure why, but WordPress simply refused to display the final image I intended for that slideshow. Click here to see it: Still in Russia

And speaking of images I can’t display here, the transition effects are so cool in The Atlantic’s Japan Earthquake, 2 Years Later: Before and After – In Focus post that any half-assed attempt by me to display them would be nothing short of sacrilege!

Finally, ever wonder which of the many threats out there will be the one to finally do us all in? Well, here’s one take on that question that’s both thought provoking AND hilarious:

Personally, I think I’m far more likely to die from indecision-induced Brain Freeze. But hey, that’s just me… the guy with so any voices screaming in his head that that video seems downright CALM by comparison! 🙄

I want ice water.

More from the Visual Treats volume

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Regurgitations

  1. I really admire the japanese… the resilience and determination are just so amazing. * they shouldn’t have joined WW2, though, other than that, they are fantastic people*


  2. I hadn’t seen many pictures of the tsunami area since it happened. It’s phenomenal to see the amount of clean-up that has taken place — after being shocked again at the devastation. I’ve always had huge respect for the Japanese, their culture, their work ethic. This certainly is a testament to that.

    Loved all the other stuff but actually LOLed over the hair whip picture. Not sure why it got to me, but it did.


    • The Japanese recovery, just two years after such a huge disaster, is truly amazing I think. I almost decided to leave the “hair whip” image out for fear no one else shared my twisted sense of humor. Glad to see I was wrong! 😀


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