Wealth inequality in America (video)

If I had to classify myself in political terms, I’d have to say I’m more of a Libertarian than anything else. I am most definitely NOT a Socialist. But I think the reality depicted in this video might actually be worse than Socialism!


I came across this a few days ago and am just now getting around to posting it. I thought I had a reasonably good understanding of the wealth inequality in America. I was wrong.

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17 thoughts on “Wealth inequality in America (video)

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  2. Two months have passes since the original posting. It made me fell ill and hopeless. When the original posting was made I stashed it away as I was at a loss for words. Now I realize that I can’t write those words, but I still want to puke.


  3. I am sending this to my Dad…….(he is republican)…and just don’t get it.. We have had some big discussions…maybe this will help him…..LOL My father is one of the smartist people I have ever know (seriously) and I love him dearly……..
    but he just don’t get it.


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