Umm, Do I Smell Onions Cooking?

Don’t you just hate it when real life intrudes on your mockery of how absurd real life can be? Well, such was the case a couple of weeks back, when, just as I’d begun collecting links to funny videos from The Onion for an all-out “Smell The Onions” post, the folks at The Onion managed to get themselves all caught up in a damned “mockery gone too far” controversy. Yikes! 😯

Well, if you don’t recall the controversy of which I speak, feel free to catch yourself up at ‘The Onion’ Called Quvenzhané Wallis the ‘C’ Word, The Onion Apologizes For Quvenzhané Wallis Oscar Tweet, and The Onion Mocks Itself For Quvenzhané Wallis Tweet And Backlash. As for myself, I’ve thought “long and hard” about it, and finally concluded that the show must go on after all! 😳

And, for those who might object, I have only this, to say about that, again: 😈

You There, Fuck Off - Trollable

Unfortunately, the delay (and my nasty OCD tendencies) has resulted a major pile-up of video bookmarks. Which leaves me we no choice but to just throw a randomly selected bunch of them at you all at once. You will let me know which ones stick, won’t you? 😉

First, in International News:

A nostalgic First Term look-back:

A bit of Second Term Hope:

A peek into Public Health:

On the Congressional Front:

And, finally, a glimpse at The Future:

All videos via The Onion on YouTube

There now. Don’t you feel better? I know I do! Keeping oneself “current with the world around us” is so important, don’t you think?

Ho ho he he

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Umm, Do I Smell Onions Cooking?

    • Me too PT, especially the ones that leave me gasping for breath with tears and snot streaming down my face! 😉

      BTW, I forgot to include the one where Obama punches the Wall Street Banker in the face. It’s in there now! 😀


  1. Love the e-card one.

    You know, if I were president, I think that my biggest conundrum would be whether or not today was the day to nuke everybody………..


    • Yeah, I think I’d be drooling over “the button” the way Gollum drools over his lost ring. Unfortunately, I’ve talked about lusting after it so much (damn that social networking!) that there’s very little chance I’d get within even a mile of it! 🙄

      BTW, I’ve used that e-card before, in my Spastic Wednesday post. I had to search for it too avoid uploading a second copy! 😀


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