The Onion Mocks The NRA

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I haven’t been feeling very “inspired” to blog lately. I am, however, trying to break out of my rut. And I can think of no better way to begin that effort than by posting this hilarious video from The Onion:

Via The Onion on YouTube

I just love the quote at the end:

“The only way to stop a bad guy on a killing spree is a good guy on a killing spree.”

Considering that “good guys on a killing spree” has been the way we humans have dealt with our problems throughout history, is there any wonder that the NRA has such a huge following? 😯

I want ice water.

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24 thoughts on “The Onion Mocks The NRA

  1. Maybe ridiculing the NRA is the way to deal with them. Lord knows LaPierre, all by himself, has provided enough material for years of comedy and ridicule.

    Interesting. For you, blogging is getting out of your rut. For me I think it’s being in my rut.


    • I’m not sure that anything will change the die-hard extremists PT, but the mockery might just thin the herd a little. 😀

      With all my crazy mood swings lately, I’ve been feeling a little like a driver trapped in a sea a ruts on a snow-locked mountain road, and feeling that this blogging thing is just a huge waste of time is just one of the ruts I’ve had to dig myself out of. After all, this is supposed to be “therapeutic” for me! 😆


  2. I may not comment on your posts but I still follow you faithfully. Keep up the posting. I’ve not posted on my blog in forever since I rejoined the workforce. But one day I will… one day.


  3. I know, let’s make ammunition illegal! Want a gun? Sure, here you go. Want ammunition? We need 12,000 dollars, a blood sample, a background check, and you need to pass this sanity test. Reloaders will, of course, be completely illegal. And manufacturing your own ammo will be tantamount to printing your own money. Problem solved!

    Note: all current ammo existing prior to this legislation will remain legal until expended.


    • Excellent suggestion Dood. All I can think of to add would be engraving the buyer’s info on the cartridge casings – to save the taxpayers the expense of doing all that CSI stuff! 😆


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