Requiem 2019

When my friend Cool Berman posted this powerful and moving video, his only comment was “I am speechless…” I could not agree more, and I’m very thankful for his having brought it to my attention…

Requiem 2019 by Sil van der Woerd on Vimeo

The last remaining blue whale comes eye to eye with its only enemy; mankind.

The film was directed by Rutger Hauer & Sil van der Woerd, who felt an urge to bring attention to the ongoing whaling. If you love whales and oceans like we do, please share this film!

If you wonder what you can do to stop whaling, you may find an answer here:

Via Requiem 2019 @ Cool Berman
A find like this deserves to be acknowledged!

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Requiem 2019

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    • You know Jo, whether it’s ravaging the oceans for their precious fish, or pitting whole communities against each other for diamonds dipped in blood, we’ll all end up bearing the shame for what only a privileged few can enjoy… 😕

      BTW, awesome video!


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