Scotland Time-Lapse

As most of you know, I have this depression problem and I live a life nearly as isolated as a hermit, so I depend heavily on things like TV, blogging, and surfing the net to distract me from thinking about, shall we say, “darker” things. And it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was wishing for the holidays to be over and for new episodes of my favorite TV shows to resume because wall-to-wall football alone simply wasn’t enough.

But the funny thing is that, now that those great shows are back on (along with a couple of very interesting new ones), and the Australian Open tennis tournament has begun (which I have to stay up all night for if I want to watch it live), I’m feeling massively overwhelmed again – just the way I always feel at this time of year.

Which brings me, finally, to what inspired me to do this post: those nagging, if extremely conflicted, thoughts of “getting away from it all” that I have from time to time. My blogging friend poietes wrote a really nice post about that very issue. Her post also reminded me of one of the few places outside the US that I actually dream about visiting…

This footage was put together using around 10,000 photos on a trip to Scotland in November 2012.
This was my first attempt at time-lapse, so with the lessons learnt the plan is to go back again this year and get more footage of famous landmarks, castles etc.

If anyone is interested in collaborating then please get in contact. My aim is to make a 10 minute feature on the beauty and diversity of Scotland, which will include time-lapse and video segments.

Music is called The light by ‘The Album Leaf’.
This video is not being used to make money or promote a company, but I will plug the artist, it’s beautifully unique music made by Jimmy LaValle et al, so check it out 🙂

Scotland Time-Lapse

I have no idea what’s at the root of this fantasy. I’m guessing it has something to do with the hundreds of TV shows and movies I’ve watched over the years showing scenery like that… 🙄

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Scotland Time-Lapse

  1. My dad went to Scotland once. His primary objective was to play golf at St. Andrews, but he raved about the beauty of Scotland. The history alone would make the place a fascinating destination.


  2. My parents took me to Scotland when I was a very young girl. I remember it being very cold. I would love to go again, perhaps when I make my long-dreamed-of trip to Ireland.

    Thanks for the props, I-man. Blog love right back at ya.


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