Tuesday Funnies!

Several items today, from two different sources – all poking a little fun at the “better half” of our species. No offense ladies. You know I love you! 😉

First up are three images from one of my favorite blogs – the very prolific Don in Massachusetts. Each image is linked to it’s respective post:

Women's Logic

Via Woman’s Logic @ Don in Massachusetts

Here's To Nipples

Via I’ll Drink To That @ Don in Massachusetts

She Did What

Via She Did What? @ Don in Massachusetts

And last, but definitely not least, is this incredibly funny video from the always awesome Cool Berman:

Via Humor @ Cool Berman

I want ice water.

More from the Oh Those Girls volume

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Funnies!

    • I am so with you there Harry! My rules for dealing with women are: smile and nod at everything she says while saying as little as possible myself, keep the drooling to an absolute minimum and, most importantly, keep repeating to myself “Eyes on the face Mak, eyes on the face!”

      I find that wearing a very stiffly starched turtleneck helps a lot with that last one, but for some reason women seem to think that’s odd… 🙄


    • Very funny PT! I actually blame you for getting me started on this. While thinking about taking that ride with you in your flashy new Corvette, I had a vision of my (still) long hair blowing in the wind of the open windows. That, of course, is when I remembered how that never quite works the way it’s shown in movies, and imagined you laughing your ass off as I struggled to keep this damned long hair out of my eyes and mouth! 😆


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