Nature Never Fails To Surprise!

Just a couple of items demonstrating the ever surprising nature of, well, nature…

The first is from yesterday’s amazing “Picture of the Day” post over at the Twisted Sifter:



Photographs by Norman MacLeod

On February 28, 2001, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, located some thirty miles (48 km) below the surface of the Earth moved the ground for a bit more than half a minute. Damage was surprisingly light on account of the epicenter’s depth. A sand tracing pendulum located at a shop in Port Townsend, Washington, called Mind Over Matter (since moved to Sedona, Arizona), produced some very interesting patterns.

The smooth curves you see on the outside are what you normally see when someone sets the pendulum in motion. The seismic activity is responsible for the rose-shaped pattern you see in the middle. A beautiful design by one of nature’s most powerful forces.

via Norman MacLeod @
and Picture of the Day: The Earthquake Rose @ TwistedSifter

The second is from an email I received from my friend Rosie last night. Wow!

Black Bear vs. Guy In A Tree

The guy shooting this video is deer hunting from his tree stand, when an adult-aged black bear moseys into the clearing directly below his tree. What the bear does when it looks up the tree and sees the hunter may surprise you. I personally think its an “oh crap!” moment, but this guy has got to be one cool customer … either that, or he had a video camera in one hand and a .44 magnum in the other!

The moral of this story must be … “if confronted by an adult-aged black bear, just be calm and act cool … then merely ask the bear a question.”

Ya gotta turn your audio up so you can hear this.
Ya just won’t believe it unless you hear it for yourself!!

I want ice water.

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31 thoughts on “Nature Never Fails To Surprise!

  1. what a great post…
    I need a bear to go with my two wolves!(just kidding, I have a big enough zoo )
    I love the sand pendulum I saw one years ago in England that I should have got…
    of the picture of the Rose is the best…
    Thanks for sharing IzaakMak….
    Take Care…


  2. The rose is beautiful. Isn’t nature amazing? Beauty from an earthquake. Loved the bear. Gorgeous, glossy coat. And he looked well fed, luckily. Just two guys out enjoying the woods; nobody looking for any trouble.


    • I’m thinking that poor bear needs to have his eyes checked. He seemed genuinely surprised when the man spoke up, as if he hadn’t even noticed him standing there! 😀


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