8 thoughts on “Louchebem

  1. Well, Mak, no sooner had I criticized reblogging on PT’s blog than you do this and make me grateful for a reblogg. Louchebem is truly a work of art and I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. I guess there are no absolutes, only infinite possibilities.


    • As I said on PT’s post, I’ve got seriously mixed feelings on the reblogging issue Jim – and I didn’t even discuss the definition of “original” content. For example, this post is a reblog of Cool Berman’s post of a Vimeo video that I could have found and posted on my own. But the fact is that I didn’t find it on my own, and I would have felt obligated to acknowledge where I found it even if I’d chosen to bypass the WordPress “Reblog” function.

      Of course I know that there are many cases out there of outright plagiarism, and I hope that I’ve never committed such an act, even inadvertently. But I do love having a platform that allows me to draw attention to what I see as great content – hell, it’s one of the few blogging “perks” left that keep me doing this, and I hope that this doesn’t become yet another reason for me to withdraw from doing this…


  2. This is an amazing piece of animation AND art. If you hadn’t of re-blogged it I’ve had never seen it either.
    Am with you on the re-blogginig issue. Try never to use an image unless credit can be given, and rarely re-blog (maybe 3x in 6 years?) another writer’s post. Used the WordPress widget so the reader can be directed to the original poster.

    Jim does make a wonderful point. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this. It made me tear up. Thank you Mak 🙂


  3. That was beautiful, and I clicked on the link so Cool Berman would get a hit too. And to see if he had any more information about its production. I, too, interpreted it as the man missing his wife. Also looked up the title on Wikipedia to see what it meant. It’s sort of French pig latin for “butcher.” The man’s occupation?


    • I got curious as well PT, after renxkyoko’s comment. From the assortment at Louchébem, I’m thinking it’s a combination of “butcher” and “insane” in this context. 😀

      BTW, thanks for going to the original post. It bugs me when the link to the source is there but people don’t use them…


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