Waddaya Mean, I’m Not Superman?!?!

I’ve been sick as a dog with some kind of flu bug since late Christmas Eve. While I wasn’t exactly bedridden, I’ve been way too foggy (not to mention grumpy) to even think about roaming the blogosphere. Funny, since getting as sick as this is such a rare thing for me, I was beginning to think I was “bulletproof” to viruses. Well, apparently I’M NOT!!!! 😯

At any rate, amidst the nearly week long flood of foggy thinking (and, of course, the actual flood of phlegm and snot), there were two thoughts that kept competing for my attention:

  1. OMG, should I take my son up on his offer to take me to the hospital?
  2. Waddaya mean, I’m not Superman?!?!

Ted Buckland’s Acapella Band Version

Okay, even my foggy head can see that the last thought grows from some “residue” of my Another Almost Sleepless Night… post. Oddly enough though, the search for the above videos actually lead me to what would have been an even better “starting” clip for that post. (I’d really love to explain the convoluted reasoning behind that statement, but fog is really hard to grasp and I’m barely coherent as it is. :roll:)

I want ice Need Holy Water. 😯

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27 thoughts on “Waddaya Mean, I’m Not Superman?!?!

  1. Me too, Mak. Stuffy head, phlegm, bad cough, fever, touch of diarrhea. Had the flu shot, so what is this? Must be the crud. No, it deserves capitalization. Crud. Shit.

    Been reading “Team of Rivals”, Goodwin on Lincoln. Almost everybody back then died too young. Had big families, survival appears to have been about 50%, average age at death 45. Bileous disease, flu, crud, consumption, blockage, etc. Sometimes I wonder if we’ve progressed much, but I’m a geezer so we must have. Watch out for MURSA.


    • Wow Jim, so sorry to hear you got (had?) it too! Coming from a family of folks who are famously “allergic” to doctors, I’m lucky to have a constitution that makes illnesses like this so rare. I hope your recovery is going as well as mine.

      BTW, I did end up going to the E.R. after all. But not for myself. I went with my son, who’s been battling the consequences of a MRSA infection he got 4 years ago! 😯


  2. Mak, Jim — hope you both get to feeling better real soon. (And hope it’s one of the few things that can’t be spread on the Internet, because I’m such a wuss when I’m sick … ) Lots of fluids, lots of rest, stay warm, yada yada. You know the drill.


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  4. I hope you are on the mend Izaak…but shit – even sick you have me ROTFLMAO – hope 2013 is a bucketload of whatever you want mate [being all Orrrrstalian for a day – makes a change from pirate I bloody well reckon’ hey cobber]


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