A WTF Monday!

Have you ever been just minding your own business, not hurting anyone or anything, and then out of the blue you find yourself under attack from forces outside your reach and beyond your control? Well that’s what my day has been like today. Hell, as you know, the entire past week has pretty much sucked for me. But today…

The sucking has reached a whole new level today…

Mad As Hell

Dammit! I’m so angry and frustrated right now that I can’t decide whether to scream in rage or just lay down and cry. Normally, I pride myself on not acting out when I’m upset, but right now…

Right now… I really, REALLY want to hurt someone!


I know, or at least I hope, that this will all blow over and I’ll get enough of my sense of humor back to be able to make a mockery of this latest nightmare the way I have with all those that have come before it. But unlike those other cases, today’s hounds-of-hell-shitstorm-attack was the result of a failure, not on my part, but on the part of the one person in this world I HAVE TO depend on.

This nightmare will end only when that person steps up and does the right thing. And you know I don’t have much faith in other people doing the right thing…

I've Actively Taught Myself Not To Trust People

Jeez, I was really hoping this would give me at least a small measure of relief. Unfortunately, it hasn’t even come close.

But I do so want to believe in the message of this song…

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “A WTF Monday!

    • Thanks renxkyoko! I just added a song at the end of this post. I was reminded of it while watching tonight’s episode of Bones, which had Cyndi Lauper guest starring. It’s perfect. I’m feeling better already! 😀


  1. ok as I read this it is early tuesday, I am hoping things have calmed down for you. As an aside who do I complain to about these annoying little snowflake thingys? They are starting to bother my eyes…


  2. Go ahead and scream or cry. It’ll make you feel better, and no one will ever know.

    Yep, I saw Cyndi last night too. Drove myself nuts until I remembered her name! Kept thinking, “She’s that singer … you know … whatshername that one … “


    • Thanks PT. I didn’t actually resort to screaming because my son that lives with me was already giving me that “should I call 911” look! 🙄

      I love Cyndi Lauper in her reoccurring role on the show. After watching it, especially with with all those very dark thoughts roiling in my head, I just knew I had to add that song to the end of this post! 😀


  3. It’s just Monday’s god messing with ya. oooh no, it’s actually the Tuesday god pretending to be the Monday god who is messing with ya. Everyone is out to get the Monday god because she i an outright BITCH 😉 Now we got that clear, here’s what you say to the person who messed with you ……


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