I Couldn’t HAAANDLE The Truth…

Kaffee: Colonel Jessup, did you order the Code Red?!
Judge: You don’t have to answer that question!
Jessup: I’ll answer the question. You want answers?
Kaffee: I think I’m entitled.
Jessup: You want answers?!
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Jessup: You can’t handle the truth!

~ A Few Good Men

You know my friends, yesterday, even as I was posting the logically undeniable truth behind the problems I’ve been having with my back and hip, the seeds of denial were already sprouting anew in the back of my mind…

Not Ready To Be Unplugged

You see, what I didn’t say in my Is My PC Killing Me? post was that I was working with a right eye that was all but useless from some kind of irritation I woke up with. I kept going, through the burning tears and snot dripping sympathetically from my nose, because I figured it would pass soon enough, and I didn’t mention it, frankly, because whining about yet another problem just didn’t seem inappropriate at the time…

But I gotta tell ya my friends, as the day wore on and the irritation just kept right on, well, irritating me, I couldn’t resist thinking, again, that the laws of nature may have indeed been turned against me…

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your worldview), after repeatedly rinsing my eyes finally cleared my vision enough for me to see all the cake crumbs I’d slept in after the nice before-going-to-sleep snack I’d had the night before, the horrible truth was finally driven home, once and for all…

I’ve Been Kicking My Own Ass! 😯

Clip via MOVIECLIPS.com

And, as strange as it may sound, the truth, uncomfortable as it is, actually comes as a really big relief. After all, I’d hate to think that GOD was really out to get me! 😯


I want ice water.

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26 thoughts on “I Couldn’t HAAANDLE The Truth…

      • My thing for the last two years has been going blind. There are times of the day when my vision gets spotty and I can’t see shit. As a remarkable specimen of health even my eye doctor was amazed. “Your prescription hasn’t changed enough in decades to warrant a new pair of glasses.” And he found absolutely no physical reason for my ongoing blindness. The working theory is that it is caused by proximity to my boss. And, like you, my eyes sometimes go nuts and painfully leak for hours on end. I never knew that eyes watering could hurt so much.

        Good times!


        • Damned doctors! They’re too blinded by their own perceptions to see that there might actually be something real behind a patient’s complaints. In my case, mine are aware of both my ongoing mental health issues and my past substance abuse issues, which forces them to consider the possibility that my complaints are rooted either in “delusions” or in “drug seeking behavior.” I can’t blame them for that I guess, but it really pisses me off when they ignore the fact that my history with depression also shows an aversion to “downers” so severe that I’d never, ever, seek them out for anything other than genuine pain. Argh! 😡

          Sorry for the mini-rant… 😳

          Anyway, I’ve had a long history with eye irritation, mainly due to shedding eyelashes falling into them. But, more recently, I’ve had problems with distorted vision caused by my problems with blood pressure, with diabetes, and with something they don’t talk about much: stress. From where I sit, the idea of fading eyesight being related to the presence of an annoying person isn’t far-fetched at all. After all, the whole “seeing red” thing must have some basis in truth. Perhaps you should take aim at your boss while you can still line him up in your gun-sight! 😆


          • I believe in “seeing red.” Happened to me once in a moment of extreme anger. It was like seeing through a reddish haze. I attributed it to greatly increased blood pressure in my eyes. Fortunately it only lasted a few seconds.


          • I think doctors don’t believe in “stress” having a direct impact on health — unless you’re willing to take a pill for it. The idea that going for a walk to get away from an irritating person might bring physical relief is a lot of hocus-pocus to them it seems; but downing a pill that will take care of the immediate ailment while causing a few more so you’ll have to take more pills — now that’s medicine!


  1. Being the princess of “Princess and the Pea” fame, the mere thought of crumbs in the bed makes my skin crawl! And the thought of crumbs in my eye makes mine water sympathetically. I plead guilty to “late night snack syndrome,” but there’s a reason why I confine it to the sofa. (Besides, if there were crumbs in the bed, there would be a 70-lb dog in there trying to get them.)


    • I can’t argue with your logic PT, but I spend damned near all my time in my bedroom. That’s where both my TV and my PC are, and it’s where I eat all of my meals as well. But I actually do hate the idea of crumbs in my bed, which is why I usually do a thorough sweep after I eat there. And I do try to eat at my desk as often as I can, but my back is usually hurting so bad after surfing, blogging, and then preparing a meal, that eating in bed seems just too good to resist. 😳

      Believe it or not, I have considered moving my loveseat up here to avoid spending so much time in bed, but there’s no room for it even if I did have the help I’d need to move it. Yeah, I know my son is here now. But so is the wardrobe by my front door that a friend gave me a couple of months before my son moved back in that I’ve asked him to help me move up here… 🙄


  2. I’m always getting stuff in my eyes. I stopped wearing contacts because I kept losing them — under my eyelids. (True. Eventually they’d work themselves back out again, usually overnight, so then they’d get lost somewhere in the bed. Argh.)

    Have you tried one of those ergonomic chairs? I had one at work a number of years ago; it looks like it should be more uncomfortable, but it actually helped my shoulder and neck, which is where I usually feel the strain.


    • Ewh Luddy. As much as I hate having to wear glasses, the troubles I’ve with “things in my eyes” are precisely why I’ve never even considered getting contacts! 😯

      I actually do have a pretty nice desk chair, with all kinds of adjustment capabilities. The problem is that it was designed for tall people like me (and is currently sitting at its lowest height), whereas my desk was not. I keep thinking that I’ll figure out some way to raise the level of my desk, but all the options that I can actually afford to implement are of the “home brew” variety, that I worry won’t be stable enough… 😐


    • Not just a crummy night Loon. Starting with the nightmare next door on Sunday night, this whole week has just been one long plague of curses. But, as you can see, I’m attempting to make the best of it! 🙂


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  4. Talk about kicking your own ass. This weekend I volunteered to help at a birthday party with 7 eleven year old boys (including my son). They went Paintballing. I went with them. Keeping in mind how eleven year old boys are with guns, I now ask you to use your imagination. Oh yes, and I did exact my revenge upon them.


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  6. Hi IzaakMak…… Kicking your own Backside hey… again!!!…. Hummmm now…. well… let me consult the Hip Hop Doctor and the Visual modem of this PC that has been Killing you?…. Arrgh yes… the Hip is connected to the Thigh bone…. which in turn is connected to the leg bone.. and the leg bone is connected to the shine bone, which in turn is connected to the Foot bone… Which I think you will find has been giving you all the grief… for its your Foot thats the problem …. Its been Kicking your Backside as you slept and making your Eyes Water!….
    Problem Solved…. Stop wearing those Boots to bed! and save them to Boot up your PC…for a new programme of Health and Wellness.. On Sale in January… at the nearest SuperMarket… Mall…

    Love and Big Hugs… Sue xoxoxox


    • Great comment Sue, but you missed the damage from having my foot in my mouth so often! 😆

      Your mention of boots reminds me of Alan’s attempt to explain what a “booty call” is to his son on Two and a Half Men! 😉


  7. The Shine bone!…. LOL… well Hope you still shinning My friend after you have cleared those tear ducts.. Blessings to you…. and if your interested any time…. writing a little about my own Journey of Souls… on part 3… more to follow… Take care my friend sending you special thoughts of healing energy Hugs ~ Sue xox


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