Temporal Distortion

My original intent was to post this video yesterday (Sunday) but, as you may have guessed from my lack of response to your comments, my “recovery” wasn’t as far along as I’d thought it was on Saturday. I am feeling much better today, and I will be getting to those comments ASAP. Anyway, in addition…

Waddaya Mean, I’m Not Superman?!?!

I’ve been sick as a dog with some kind of flu bug since late Christmas Eve. While I wasn’t exactly bedridden, I’ve been way too foggy (not to mention grumpy) to even think about roaming the blogosphere. Funny, since getting as sick as this is such a rare thing for me, I was beginning to think I was “bulletproof” to viruses. Well, apparently I’M NOT!!!! 😯

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

I don’t know how I managed to forget this Super Bowl ad when I was making fun of the whole “Mayan End Of The World” thing. I especially love the “Twinkies” reference at the end, which is all the more significant now… I want ice water. More WusAMatta U posts

I Think I’m Starting To Feel It Now!

I’m not quite sure I understand it, but there’s something weird is going on here. Somehow, the after-effects of that stupid movie from last night have co-mingled with all the “cheery goodness” radiating from today’s comment exchanges to produce a most unfamiliar “warmth” within my chest cavity… 😉