…For the moment at least. I’ve been laid up for the last couple of days with some of the worst back and hip pain I can remember ever having. But I’m feeling much better this morning. Hell, I’m damned near giddy from the relief. It’s literally as if the nail that I imagined had been mysteriously driven into my bones had disappeared in my sleep just as magically as it had first appeared.

Of course, I’ve had issues with my back since I was in my late teens and issues with my hip for going on twenty years. I’ve been to more doctors than I could count for treatment, and was even hospitalized for it once, so it’s entirely possible that my whole “worst back and hip pain I can remember ever having” perception is just a distortion of memory arising from the nearness of the experience. And we all know where distorted thinking can lead…

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And, even though the painkillers did allow me to enjoy (thoroughly, in fact) last night’s “Til Death” episode of Person of Interest while it was on…

The memories it dredged up only added to the powerful sense of impending doom I’ve been feeling, leaving me to go to sleep with this haunting song from the end of that show playing over and over in my mind…

Soul Sucking

But like I said, I’m feeling much better today. So much so that my usual “rosy outlook” has been completely restored…

Game Point Mother Fucker

And I awoke this morning with an entirely different kind of song playing in my head. I heard it first in Pied Type’s Headed for the open door post. I find it so inspiring that I searched YouTube for a “with lyrics” version of it to include here.

Enjoy my friends!

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “I’m BAAAAACK!

  1. I was torn between your video of “We Come Running” and the one I posted. I finally based my choice on the visual pulsating in time with the infectious beat. Hehe, sounds like you’ve been infected. It’s a great upbeat song to wake up to, isn’t it? Glad you’re feeling better.


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  3. Just a thought. My wife was coming to grief over her back and most things connected to it. Finally her work had a person come in to make her working areas “ergonomic”. Her employer didn’t do a very good job of it, but it helped a lot. Many of the things like height of your chair are easy and cheap or even free. Resting your wrist on a little roll as you type, etc.. I am sure that there must be a book. Also, there is the issue of electrons coming off the screens of your electronica. The computer screen and the TV. Then there is the flicker; I don’t know about how much or if this has been remedied with new equipment. I do know that there was retrofitting that could be done with an overlay screen. If you know what a quarter wave retarder plate is; well I don’t (I sort of do). There is a lot of stuff available.

    I was really sick unto death about twenty five years ago. The primary Doctor treating me was an internist and rheumatologist. After five years we were friends of a sort. Once I told him that I thought television might put people into a sort of trance with its cycling over and over as it formed the image. He was noncommittal, but he had an interesting statement to make. He also worked in psychology. He said that people who watch TV a lot and people who use the computer a lot and people who spend a lot of time under fluorescent lights HAVE IN COMMON that they are all depressed! I found that rather interesting. I spend hours and hours under four 48″ daylight balanced fluorescent tubes and I have always been depressed. I think that fluorescents cycle much faster these days. I do know the cycling messes with a person’s ability to read. Reading is extremely complex. You might get relief with some optical ” fixes” like the quarter wave retarder plate. That little item is used in a circular polarizer to change the physical form of light.

    I know that I am really long winded, but these are real problems and often have affordable solutions; like real affordable. There are also people who fix these problems for a living. If each little thing helped a little bit it could add up to a substantial amount of ” better”. There has to be a BOOK.

    Sincerely, Phillip Shelton


    • Being the OCD fool that I am Phillip, I’ve thought about pretty much every one of those options. Unfortunately, most of the realistic “mechanical” type fixes are either beyond my means financially, or beyond my ability to “engineer” on my own… 🙂


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