As open minded as I am when it comes to changes in my “intellectual” landscape, I’m not nearly as open minded when it comes to changes in my living arrangements. So, as you can probably imagine, having my son move in with me again has been somewhat of an “adjustment” for me. 😉

But as this wonderful video posted by my friend Cool Berman demonstrates, there are times when accommodating the ones you care about can be well worth the effort! 😀

Via Cool Berman’s Monsterbox

Now all I need are wizard-like engineering skills and a son who’d look up from the game he’s playing on his PC long enough to notice! 🙄

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Monsterbox

  1. I cherish my solitude. Sharing my space with anyone anymore would be colossally stressful. My son is probably the one person with whom I could co-exist half way comfortably, but even that would be a stretch after a while. Still, I’ve always believed “Home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in.” Hope you and your son are co-existing reasonably well.


    • Well, it’s not like I wasn’t aware of the things about living with him that would annoy me. After all, it’s hasn’t been quite a year and a half since he moved out (had to search through my old posts to figure that one out!). Still, even though he stays in his room most of the time (when he’s not at school or out with his friends), the extra cooking, the extra dishes to wash, and the fact that he just doesn’t do things the way I do can be quite irksome… 🙂


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