Animated Love – NQSFW!

I found this reblog of Rincewind’s Animated love –nsfw- post in my drafts folder last night. Before we continue, however, I want to explain why I never actually published this post back when I first created it. Without going into a lot of detail that I’m really not up for right now, it was because I was afraid it might offend my female readers.

I’ve written about my discomfort over how to behave in front of women many times on this blog, but, for those who haven’t read any of that, the short explanation is that it traces back to all the abuse I witnessed, that women suffered at the hands of men, while I was growing up. Simply stated, I’ve just never been able to get past the fear that women might perceive me as just another potential woman beater, and that, in turn, has left me the equivalent of an “emotional stutterer” when it comes to my behavior around them.

That feeling was brought back fully front and center last night, when I had to actually call 911 after being awakened to the sounds of a terrifying domestic violence situation going on in the apartment next door. No, these aren’t the same crazy neighbors I reported on before. This is a new couple, who, if anything, are even more violent than the last. I really didn’t want to get involved, but the noise was so disturbing (and loud enough, even, for my son to hear through his gaming headset) that I was afraid I’d end up wondering, today, if I should have done something, as I watched someone’s body being carted off.

Good grief! I really hadn’t meant to go into so much detail, but it was important for me to explain why I need a good laugh so badly this morning. Which, of course, is why I’ve decided to go ahead with this post despite my reservations. Besides, it’s been too long since I added something to my Oh Those Girls volume.

Anyway, not only did I find my friend’s post to be hilarious, but, once again, I was intrigued to see if I could reproduce, here on my blog, the kind of image layout that he manages to make seem so easy on his. Well, I never did really. Remember, this was before WordPress introduced that nifty new “mosaic” feature, and even that would fail in this case because the top two rows contain only one image…


Via Animated love –nsfw-

DAMN, I really needed that! 😳

Believe it or not, I actually duplicated what my friend did by copying and pasting the part of his post that I wanted directly into my visual editor. Am I the only one who didn’t know you could do that?!?! 😯

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “Animated Love – NQSFW!

  1. Thanks for the plug and also for calling 911. Slightly unlucky with your choice of neighbours aren’t ya. But yes this looks good and actually I didn’t know copy and paste would take my codes as well… Sweet…


    • Hey man, thank YOU for providing me with something easy to post for a quick smile! 😀

      As for my calling 911, I’ve been feeling pretty stupid for getting involved since the police called me back after they’d wrapped up next door. Apparently my neighbors were complaining about the damage done to their door when the police tried to kick it in after hearing the blood curdling screams coming from inside when they got there. Since they were also claiming that “nothing was going on,” and with the police not finding any signs of injury, the sergeant in charge wanted to get a statement from me for backup just in case my neighbors tried to sue for damages. WTF?!?! 😯

      BTW, I’ve been trying in vain all day to do another nicely formatted post using some GIFs from a Tumblr site. I’ve done it before with great success, but WordPress just hasn’t been cooperating… 🙄


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    • Considering how they pretended that nothing was happening when the police got there (with the implication being that I’m some nosy busybody with an overactive imagination), I’m wishing that I hadn’t bothered now PT. Still, if some had been seriously hurt and I hadn’t done anything to prevent it… 😐


  3. Domestic violence is so scary and also so weird. The guy throws his wife/girlfriend through the drywall and down the second story steps. The cops come and arrest him. Two weeks later they are back together and two weeks after the reconciliation he throws her down the steps again. Here in the US of A we have an added dimension; guns. If you get involved you run the risk that someone has a gun. Maybe they will carry a grudge and then they will reconcile and be your neighbor again. It is a powerful motivator to stay out of it, but sometimes you just can’t. They will know who called the cops. Phillip


    • Having witnessed so much violence while growing, mostly of the “domestic” variety, I’m convinced that the Major Depression I have now started back then as a form of PTSD. Trust me, no one is more aware of the danger of getting involved than me. But still, my experiences as a kid are also why I have a strong conscience… 😐


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