And Speaking Of Mayhem…

I was so pleased with myself after publishing my Animated Love – NQSFW! post this morning. I guess I should have known that feeling would be short lived. My clue should have been when the police call me last night for a statement confirming my reasons for calling 911, I’m guessing to cover their asses when my neighbors complained about their front door being damaged “over nothing” – even though it was damaged when the the police heard screaming from inside upon their arrival and got no response when they knocked! 🙄

Anyway… Like I said, I felt pretty good this morning. So much so, in fact, that I decided to try another cool, neatly formatted animated GIFs post, using the images from ivyarchive’s 12 Days Of Mayhem on Tumblr. No problem, right? With eight images of equal width, it should have been a snap to do with WordPress’ nifty new gallery mosaic feature, just as I had done in my Odd Reflections post. Right? Wrong! 😯

First, the mosaic thing completely ignored my choice of 2 columns for the mosaic, deciding that it preferred to have 3 columns in the first row instead. No matter what I did to the settings, nothing worked to get the appearance I wanted! 🙄

So then I tried the “copy and paste” trick I used with this mornings post, but simply could “mark” just the parts I wanted to copy the way I’d been able to do with Rincewind’s post. Hell, I even tried duplicating the long, “auto-wrapping” list of image codes from that post using codes for the new images instead. WordPress simply chose to display all the images in a very long, one image per row, vertical column! WTF?!?! 😯

Next, I tried what I didn’t want to try way back when I first contemplated re-blogging Rincewind’s post: to “fake” the desired appearance using a borderless table. That got me close to what I wanted, but also included lots of ugly gaps between the images. And when I checked to see which HTML Tables attributes I could use to fix that, I found that they all had “Not supported in HTML5” labels attached to them! 🙄

And so I was forced to return to Timethief’s Multiple Galleries on a Page or Post and Gallery — Support — again, after which I created 4 new “private” pages, each with one, two image gallery, so I could use them here to finally (well, almost) get the appearance I wanted. Whew!

Talk about Mayhem!

Images via ivyarchive’s 12 Days Of Mayhem

BTW, WordPress decided to just DUMP all my tags when I saved the draft of this post just before I went to publish it. Wow, way to go WordPress! 😈

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “And Speaking Of Mayhem…

    • Hi TT, it’s nice to see you here again. I tell ya, between having almost no sleep last night and screwing around with is post all day, a trip to an actual recovery room sounds like a dream. I’d lay down now, if I weren’t convinced I’d be awakened again as soon as I got to sleep! 🙄


    • You know me PT, Mr. Super OCD Freaky! If truth be told though, and as much as I’d like for it to appear that I just have a “knack” for this blogging thing, I spend far more time on my posts than you’d think… 😳

      I love those Mayhem ads too, which is why I just couldn’t resist doing this post. That Dean Winters guy just cracks me up! 😀


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