Remember Terri Schiavo?

Wow, and to think I thought this was pure fiction when I saw it on TV’s Perception!

Deviant Feather

After all the hoopla about Terri’s death in 2005, researchers at the University of Ontario have proven that vegetative-state patients can communicate. And not just wiggling a finger. Stick them in an fMRI and watch the monitors light up with answers to direct questions. They’re even working on portable EEGs for family members to re-establish communication at home.

Makes you wonder if Terri’s husband regrets putting her down.

University of Ontario

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20 thoughts on “Remember Terri Schiavo?

  1. I saw something similar on our own TV only today, Having trained in Body Talk myself, I know that we can communicate in various ways other than verbal, Tapping on various parts of comma patients have also enabled some to come out of their coma’s .
    This is very good news and brings hope for those trapped within the mind….

    Sending you a thought or three as always my friend… via the Cosmic wave,,, Sue


      • Really!!! I didnt know that, but then there is alot I do not know LOL… I only know that it must be living death to be trapped within a mind when awake like after a stroke etc and not be able to communicate,, To be in a coma one only hopes that the person isnt aware of their circumstances…. Had you an recollection of your own Coma?


        • Oh yeah, it was after the worst of my Pancreatitis attacks. My only memories are fragments of some pretty weird dreams, but I do know there was at least a discussion about taking me off life support. 😯


          • Yes they say even when on deaths door your hearing is the last to go and is still very sharp, and thats not good… So glad you still around to keep us posted with your own brand of humour IzaakMak….. and hope to keep up with your posts, but Ive been busy decorating, working, knitting, painting, and Granny sitting LOL.. so blogging is being fitted inbetween lately..
            Sending you my usual Blessings my friend…
            Sue xxx


  2. You know what IzaakMak, I’m gonna stipulate in my will that if i happen to fall into a vegetative state I want to be whacked in front of my TV …oh with an asssistant there to change the channels and skip the goddam ads.


    • That sounds like a great plan to me Loon. Oh wait, I think they did that when I was in the coma, because me dream fragments are chock full of Star Trek: The Next Generation! 😯


    • That is very frightening indeed Jim. The modern day version of the old being buried alive fear I guess. And as much as I’d like to know that every measure had been taken to insure that I really was gone before they pull the plug, I suspect that the real-world “nightmare” that comes from this news will be the even higher healthcare costs arising from all those demands for fMRI tests! 😯


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