And Speaking Of Changes…

Oh no, the Vogons are coming!

I don’t know if any of you have ever taken a look at my Read Me page, but if you have, you’ll know about the compromises I made to get a certain “look and feel” back when I created this blog in 2009. For the most part, the compromises I made were entirely arbitrary, but there were a couple that I made due to limitations within WordPress itself.

Well both WordPress and my “vision” for this blog have evolved over the 3 ½ years I started it, and I’ve decided that it’s time I attempt to “unpaint” out of the corner I now find myself in. And because some of the changes I need to make will alter the functionality of the blog, I’ve decided that it would be best that no one accesses it when such changes are underway.

I’m writing this “sticky post” now, well in advance of the changes, so you’ll know what’s up if and when you drop by and find your access denied.

Rest assured that the down times will be limited, or at least that is my plan. I’ve already tested some of the changes on my “test” blog, and found that it didn’t really take that much time for WordPress to process my requests, but there is always the possibility that something unanticipated might arise. In addition, as I’ll probably start every change late at night (my time), the possibility that I might fall asleep could well mean that the blog won’t be back up until the next morning.

Your patience will be most appreciated…

I want ice water.

16 thoughts on “And Speaking Of Changes…

    • Nothing major immediately PT. At least not visibly major. Just swapping my tags for categories and vice versa. After that, I’ll be editing my “Read Me” and “Music for this Blog” pages. I might also rework the sidebar. And finally, I’ll be experimenting with new themes. I’d like one that features excerpts on the front page, because I haven’t like the results from my experiments with the “more” tag… 😕


  1. Have fun remodelling your Space,
    sometimes it can be a right pain in
    the R’s but hopefully your efforts
    will be gradual and so not tooooo
    painful 😦 Gulp…

    Have fun creating Mak 🙂



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